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If you are in love, don't let the chance slip by. Being reckless may make you regret for a while. Being cowardly may make you regret for a lifetime.


One always takes a strange road, sees a strange landscape, listens to a strange song, and then in a casual moment, you will find that the original effort to forget things really so forgotten.


I passed through the yearning for eyebrow, pale fingers. Sentimental and sad sentence is the fleeting time of the waist, like water across the four seasons. You still do not seem to have returned home.


People's life is deducing scenes from one scene after another, or true or false or long or short or happy or sad. You played me in this play, I played you in that play, each smiling, each weeping.


Love a person is to dial the phone suddenly do not know what to say, only to know that the original just want to hear her familiar voice, the original really want to dial, but only a string in their hearts.


No matter how many grievances, how difficult, and ultimately can cure their own or their own, others may give you comfort, but never know how your heart is through the arrows.


A dream has awakened for thousands of years. The heart has no place to return. Since ancient times, fate has always been difficult to violate. It has left long sighing and complaining.


From then on, please be strong in my city without me, and I will heal in a city without you.


At the end, I want to forget you. In the end, I just want to cry in my dream.


Your character is lazy, interest is playing, expertise is eating, skill is sleeping. What you are: too poor to do bad things, too familiar to be a lover, too hungry to know what to eat, too sleepy to sleep.


Leave, silent, as happiness has never appeared before, I like meteors, across the sky, the light tells my sadness, and the end result is to the dust.


Everyone in the world wears a mask and plays the part he should play. Tears come out only when the mask is broken by accident.


If I do not love you, I will not miss you, I will not envy the opposite sex around you, I will not lose confidence and fighting spirit, I will not suffer. If I could not love you, that would be great.


Love has come, and has gone through it. It has been hated and hurt.


I am drifting away, no harbor, no course, but always chasing a tide, a wave of irony, I do not know what reason to keep me alive, what else can let me pursue.


The wind is empty and the hole is blowing. A year goes by. And the next year is going to be this way. I do not know whether it is hidden behind depression or in frustration. We just can't find it.


Leave is the pursuit of freedom, or her retention.


Try to be a warm person, smile to the world with your heart, remind yourself to do better with your tears, greet the sunshine with joy every day, and declare to the world with confidence that you are doing well.


I look at you like now, smiling, silent, proud, lost, so I follow you happy and sad, but I have been standing now and you stay forever.


Just a person quietly tears, sad to be unable to self. Never come back, those quiet and happy times, those immersed in love, never find back. The whole world is empty.


I am willing to wait, waiting for the arrival of love; I am willing to believe that I believe she will come. As long as we believe in love, there will be miracles. On Valentine's day, bless yourself as soon as you can enjoy the sweetness of love.


The one who makes you cry until your heart breaks its lung is the one you love the most; the one who makes you smile until your heart breaks its lung is the one who loves you the most.


As young people have been so persistent, or because of a thing, or cause, a feeling. Those long and short emotions can be turned into a kind of force that makes us feel miserable or lives.


I will be stunned, and then forget you, and then close my eyes tightly, thinking of the day, someone will replace, let me no longer miss you.


Lonely days, I have no way to go, no trace to find, inevitably drunk in the long pain, fell in the corner of no one to step on, let the sour tears flow silently, shaking down a desolate place.


If one day you love someone, like I love you, you will know how tired I am.


The man who said he would never leave me had already left, the one who said he loved me, held the hand of someone else, the one who said he would wait for me, but left with another person. What else can I believe?


If I can't be your only one, I don't even want to do it. If you give me the same to others, then I would rather not. It's not a terrible thing to do. It's a joke if we can't keep it.


If you can't be together, don't give each other any hints of hope, this is the greatest responsibility; separated, do not disturb each other to live in peace, this is the last gentleness.


You can't be friends after breaking up because you hurt each other, you can't be enemies because you love each other deeply, so we become the most familiar strangers.


The lonely man always remembers everyone in his life, so I always think of you endlessly, counting my loneliness over and over again in the evening when the stars fall.


I want you to know that there is a person in this world who will always be waiting for you, no matter when, no matter where you are, anyway you know, there will always be such a person.


I am like a shadow you can not have, let loneliness exchange sad hearts, nothing to do with love, this tasteless day, tears, is the only luxury.


Many times, it is not your persistent insistence that you will get someone's love. Love cannot be forced. Even if you live together day after day, you will never be able to resist him when you meet her.


Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if he forgot his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but whenever he thinks of that feeling, will never change.


A lot of things are not what I want to do. A lot of things are not what I want. Many people can stay without me. No longer struggling, no longer entangled, I am also a good person.


Some pain, can not say, can only endure, until slowly forgotten.


Love, friendship and family are fragile goods, once cracks appear, it is difficult to restore the original appearance; no matter who is sorry for who, the cracks are like two edges, one side hurts people, one side hurts oneself.


Disappointment, sometimes, is also a kind of happiness, because it is expected that it will be disappointed. Because there is love, there will be expectations, so even if disappointed, is also a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a little painful.


Do not expect anyone to accompany you for life. Even when the light is gone, even the shadow will leave you.


Marriage is not equal to happiness, single does not mean unfortunate, because we were born on a person, and ultimately can not leave at the same time, a person, as long as a good state of mind, that is a kind of happiness, so simple.


When time no longer waits, the wandering of the same street turns out to be a gradual sadness. When autumn leaves are falling down, waiting at the same intersection has become a numb helplessness.


If you really don't know what you want to do in the future, simply do your best. As long as today is better than yesterday, it is progress. Over time, time will naturally bring you an unexpected future.


You are not left behind by others, nor are you prepared for others. All grow freely, grow flowers by themselves, and make mistakes by themselves. Time blew, give time to pick up.


Why don't you yearn for the lonely island that the spring breeze can't blow? Why should you fall in love with the grass that the sun does not shine on? Forget me! I am just a captive bird, but have flown wings bravely, flying across your sky!


If you and I are doomed to have no tomorrow, I will not complain too much. It was the comfort of my life to have met you better. I understand that everything in the world is coming from the same place.


The left eye has not seen the right eye side, does not understand comforts, only knows accompany it to shed tears.


When you finally admit that he is just a passer in your life, then you can go on your way and stop lingering. Many things are just because we don't want to admit it. Unwilling to admit the cruel, unacceptable fact!


Loneliness is that there is no one in your heart; loneliness is that someone in your heart is not around. Since I do not love, why should I occupy my heart in such a dazzling way, and ruin my whole life happiness.


Some people say that if you want something very much, let it go. If it comes back to you, it will always be yours. If it did not come back, then it would not be necessary to wait, because it was not yours at all.


You can not climb mountains all your life, but there must be a mountain in your heart. It makes you always climb high, it makes you always have a direction of struggle, it makes you raise your head at any moment, can see their hope.


Even if angry, will pretend calm; even unhappy, will try to smile; even sad, but also secretly; even if, will not explain too much, this is now me.


Later, he did not speak, just more like to put things in mind, slowly fermented, thinking that will always endure through.


A piece of memory suddenly missing is blown away by the wind, forming an irreparable void. Memory of the blank will always be filled with later people and events, and in the time gap, slowly condensed into eternity.


Nobody cares how you cry in the middle of the night, and nobody cares how many autumns you have to go through. Outsiders just look at the results and support themselves.


You have too much leisure to have time to persist in meaningless things, and then have time to grope for pain. You see those busy people who spend their time trying hard.


He who quarrels is a good friend, and a quarrel is a true friend. Young people always quarrel with each other seriously and fiercely because of a little bit of trifle, but they will be around when they need each other, never leave!


Many people do not need to see each other because they are just passing by. There must be some time to discover that it is deeply engraved in memory. Thank you for coming. I'm sorry you left.


A person for a long time, will more attentively to see the world. Weather, vehicles, pedestrians, bricks and tiles, grass and trees, the most ordinary can always feel the real life of small beauty, small touched.


That rainy night, walking alone on the road we had walked hand in hand, can no longer find the feeling of happiness, no joyous laughter, no lingering love, only the laughter of the wind and the cry of the rain.